Ripper Street: It's a Ripper (The Sun TV Magazine)

TV Magazine went on location in Dublin during the filming of Ripper Street this summer.


And as we peer past a crowd of extras, a familiar figure emerges in the gloom – former Spooks star Matthew Macfadyen, all broad-shouldered and reassuring in a well-cut check suit.

“Everyone has got this terrible hangover from not finding the Ripper – and they’ve got real hangovers as well,” says Matthew, 38, who stars as Detective Edmund Reid. “There has been a little bit of Guinness.



And this is what costume designer, Lorna Marie Mugan had to say about dressing the male leads:

“We wanted to make the three lead men stand out. They’re all above-average height, but we brought in smaller extras to make them look even taller. Also, because Matthew’s character is a dapper gentleman, he had to have a strong-shaped coat and bowler hat.

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