Ripper Street: The Hollywood Reporter Review

The Hollywood Reporter has the following to say about Ripper Street

In contrast, Ripper Street is riveting right from the start, with a great cast featuring Matthew Macfadyen (MI-5, Pride & Prejudice), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones) and Adam Rothenberg (Alcatraz), an American actor in what is likely to be his breakout role.

While the series clearly is a period piece, created by Richard Warlow (Mistresses), it moves at a much faster pace than some staid costume drama.

In that sense, it probably has more in common with Sherlock, the modern adaptation that has been a hit in England (and here) for two seasons. The work of Macfadyen, Flynn and Rothenberg is superb, and you always get a sense of camaraderie among them (though the characters of Jackson and Drake often are at odds).

Ripper Street is a well-acted, well-written and compelling mystery series. And even better, there’s no waiting around, wishing it would improve. It’s alluring from the start.

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Ripper Street begins in the US/Canada this Saturday and continues on BBC this Sunday. Catch your local listings!