Ripper Street: Episode 6 'Tournament of Shadows' Reviews

Several reviewers have posted their opinions of Episode 6 of Ripper Street 'Tournament of Shadows' and they continue to be wildly positive.  Beware of spoilers in the reviews if you click the links!

Independent Blog

the writers of Ripper Street have created some fresh and interesting storylines and do so every week. Tournament of Shadows was a unique story that played with history and reimagined it in a creative way.

Den of Geek

Ripper Street offers a plethora of on-going interesting characters and sub-plots to keeps viewers entertained alongside each week’s main plot, and this week’s episode is once again completely different from anything we’ve seen in the previous five.

Who can resist this comment by the reviewer of Den of Geek about Matthew Macfadyen?

It’s still quite saucy though – and the Darcy skills come in very handy.

The Independent (not blog)

...touchingly handled by Matthew Macfadyen in an episode that found time to explore the widening gap between him and.....

As Matthew Macfadyen and food metaphors are so entwined... (Independent)

It's thickening up quite nicely and it's partly the plot that has done the thickening, the cornstarch of unresolved griefs, unrequited love and undisclosed secrets all doing their bit to stiffen the mixture.  

Digital Spy

the show's strong second wind continues here