Perfect Nonsense: Stephen Mangan and Matthew Macfadyen on Friendship and Jeeves and Wooster (Metro)

Metro has an article about Stephen Mangan and Matthew Macfadyen's friendship and their roles as Jeeves and Wooster in the recently opened play in the West End.

About the fast and funny pace of the play within a play

Fortunately, Matthew Macfadyen, playing Bertie’s unflappable valet, is on hand to bring a touch of Jeevesian calm to the situation. ‘It’s exactly like a dance,’ he says. ‘It’s more about having it in your body, a physical memory.’

About following in the footsteps of famous actors such as Laurie and Fry

Macfadyen has been in this position before: he played Mr Darcy in the 2005 film version of Pride And Prejudice, which followed in the wake of the popular BBC TV adaptation. ‘Every interview I did I was asked about Colin Firth. I would patiently explain that most actors don’t think: “How am I going to make it different?”’ he says, patiently. ‘You simply can’t work like that. What you think is: “Isn’t it lovely that I’m treading in the same shoes as this lovely actor.”’

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