Perfect Nonsense: The Richmond Magazine Review

Perfect Nonsense has closed in Richmond and moved on to Brighton, with the first showing on 22 October. The Richmond Magazine has posted a review which you can read in its entirety HERE.

One of the best moments in a night that’s filled with many delights for fans of the genre is when Macfadyen simultaneously plays the roles of the gruff Sir Watkyn and the manipulative ingenue ‘Stiffy’ Bing, no mean feat.

Director Sean Foley (who also performed in the Morecambe & Wise homage The Play What I Wrote) maintains a brisk pace throughout with both Mangan and Macfadyen possessing strong comic timing that keeps their double act working effectively. Mention  too should also be made of Mark Hadfield who plays all the other roles, from Aunt Delia to the ever-expanding and absurdly menacing figure of Roderick Spode whose towering presence is only punctured by the revelation of his dodgy practises, something unearthed – of course – by the omniscient Jeeves. As a show it’s aptly named for what it offers is pure froth but it’s delivered with such aplomb even the valet himself might tacitly approve.

(thanks for finding and sharing the review, Jodi)