Perfect Nonsense: Review Roundup 1

November 12th was press night for Perfect Nonsense and here are some of the comments from the reviews.

Charles Spencer of The Telegraph: 4 stars

Matthew Macfadyen is equally fine as Jeeves, commanding, sepulchral and extremely strict in the matter of men’s trouserings, no matter how fraught the situation may be. He shines in a host of other parts too, including getting up in drag to play Bertie's ghastly former fiancée Madeline Bassett. Indeed in one delirious scene he simultaneously plays both a man and a woman in a comic coup of extraordinary dexterity and panache.

...But I suspect that Wodehouse himself would have loved this production, and there is no doubt that it captures the dotty, sunlit innocence of his work with panache.

Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail: 4 stars

This inventive evening of slightly bonkers, genial comedy takes its plot from PG Wodehouse’s novel The Code Of The Woosters,  featuring dimbo Bertie Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman Jeeves, solver of problems.

Official Theatre: 4 stars

This show is whimsical farce if ever I were to indulge in one! There really isn’t anything not to like  about the Goodale Brothers’ Jeeves and Wooster in The Perfect Nonsense, unless of course you are devoid of all humour and joy.

...Without either Macfadyen, Mangan or Hadfield this production would be lacking a certain meaty chunk to its theatrical pie. Luckily all are present and correct, and the three way comedy split is simply harmonious.

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