Perfect Nonsense: Brighton Review

The has the following to say about Perfect Nonsense, currently playing in Brighton until 26 Oct:

Stephen Mangan plays Bertie with a childlike innocence that is totally winning, a remarkably funny performance as he comically struggles with the logistics of the drama and the set whilst still relating to the audience. Matthew Mcfadyen’s Jeeves is superb, still and quiet, he weaves his way through the plot, but at the same time he plays a host of other characters that require a speed and agility that few could manage. To describe his performance as brilliant hardly covers the performance that he achieves. All this takes place on a set that is the pure essence of theatrical design, relying on traditional stage craft rather then modern technology, and all the better, and funnier, for that. An evening of comic mastery that is not to be missed.

Rating 5/5 stars. Read the full review HERE