Perfect Nonsense: The Argus Interview with Mangan and Macfadyen

The Argus has posted an interview with Stephen Mangan and Matthew Macfadyen talking about their roles in the play Perfect Nonsense based on PD Wodehouse.

Macfadyen, to many people still best known for stony-faced MI5 officer Tom Quinn in Spooks, plays Jeeves. With only three actors playing eight characters, plus numerous sets and costume changes, he says it is the most technical show he’s done.

“Not only are Jeeves and Bertie coping with telling the story, they are also coping with putting on a play to tell the story. They are making the sets, wheeling the sets, changing characters, trying to improvise the story with what’s to hand,” says Macfadyen.

It’s a play within a play, which begins with Bertie regaling a tale to his pals at The Drones Club. When they suggest he put on a play to tell his story, he hires a theatre.

Things get in a muddle when there is no one to play legendary literary heroes Gussie Fink-Nottle, Stiffy Byng and Roderick Spode. Naturally, in comes Jeeves – and for this show, his valeting colleague Seppings – to help.


As for the pair’s relationship, Macfadyen quotes Wodehouse.

“There is a sense of them being married. Bertie says it is two men of iron will living in close proximity to each other.”

Read the full interview on The Argus