Mini Review of Anna Karenina

The Toronto Star has posted several mini-reviews of the upcoming films that will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival 2012 (TIFF).

Here's what was posted about Anna Karenina:

Anna Karenina: Joe Wright’s high-concept retelling of Tolstoy’s famous morality tale about love, seduction and duty (aided with a pared-down script by Oscar-winner Tom Stoppard that doesn’t completely clear up the confusing multiple names in Russian novels) won’t be everybody’s cup of borscht. But it is so gorgeous and stylistically wrought it’s hard to take your eyes off the elaborate spectacle. Wright’s version takes place in a lavish 19th-century theatre, much of it onstage. The carefully choreographed set pieces and stunning costumes highlight Keira Knightley’s skilful portrayal of the alternating flighty and tragic heroine, with Jude Law as her reserved, cuckolded husband Alexei, and Aaron Johnson as the dashing Count Vronsky who steals her heart and destroys her soul. Linda Barnard