Matthew as the Sheriff of Nottingham

The official website for Robin Hood has been updated and there are a few mentions of Matthew as the Sheriff.  The following can be found among the production notes:

From Lambs and Lions: Casting the Action-Adventure

Matthew Macfadyen, who shot to international acclaim after his portrayal of Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, stars as the archetypal villain, the Sheriff of Nottingham. Explains Maid Marion herself, Blanchett, of his character and performance: "What I find so interesting about this version of the Sheriff of Nottingham is that it's the weak who are often the most evil, because they're the most compromised.  There's a moment, and it's brilliantly played by Matthew, where he suddenly says, I'm British! No, I'm French!" and he's prepared to go over to whichever side.  It's the weak people from who you have the most to fear."

Robin Hood opens on 14 May, 2010