The First Darcylician's Review of Anna Karenina

Forum member, deebee, was fortunate to attend the screening of Anna Karenina today at the British Library.

The following are some of the comments that she shared in the forum, especially what she had to say about Matthew Macfadyen:

Don’t be late when you get to see it, as Matthew opens the show! We know he has a minor role as Stiva, but he was in it more than I had anticipated and his wonderful comic performance got bags of laughs from the audience. I absolutely loved it, but think it will divide audiences. It was so refreshing to see JW’s adaptation. It is illustrious. Beautiful. The cinematography and the costume design is really quite wonderful.

He plays Stiva like a very naughty little boy that deserves a good spanking. Except you cannot help but feel that he would probably enjoy that too.

Thank you deebee!