Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Costumes to be shown at Dickens World

Little Dorrit - January 24th – April 19th 2009

Dickens World is to stage ‘The Two Worlds’ costume exhibition of television’s most important costume drama series of recent years. Each Exposition will be created around the costumes worn by the actors in the series.

You can read more about this here.

Matthew on Entertainment Weekly

Matthew Macfadyen has been mentioned in Entertainment Weekly's Bits and Bobs online blog. It mentions Little Dorrit and A Pocketful of Rye. It even mentions Keeley Hawes' Mutual Friends.

You can read the blog here.  (Thanks LizzieJ)

Little Dorrit: BBC autumn lineup trailer

The BBC Press Office have released their promotional trailer for their autumn lineup. A brief clip of Little Dorrit can be seen on the BBC website towards the end.

Edit:  you can watch the high quality promotional trailer here as well.  It does not have any geographical restrictions.


Litte Dorrit in October or November?

Unfortunately, we still aren't sure what month Little Dorrit will be shown. The Daily Mail had this to say about Little Dorrit:

Little Dorrit

THE PLOT: Dickens's rags to riches and back again tale centres on Amy, or Little Dorrit, who is born in debtors' prison. where she and her siblings continue to live. The dashing Arthur Clennam is determined to help the Dorrits escape their fate.

THE STARS: New face Claire Foy plays Little Dorrit and Matthew Macfadyen.

WHEN CAN I SEE IT?: Little Dorrit will be on BBC1 this October.

DID YOU KNOW...: Dickens's father was imprisoned in Marshalsea for a few months. The rest of the family took up residence in the prison with him, except Charles who was sent to work in a factory.

THE LOOK: Beautiful bonnets with velvet trim and white lace frocks. It's full-length dresses for the women and sombre black suits with those restrictive neckerchiefs for the men.

Watch the wedding scene from Little Dorrit being filmed

Tonypraxis of flickr managed to video a bit of the wedding scene from Little Dorrit. He states: "On our weekend walk we came across a BBC crew filming the wedding scene from Little Dorrit in St. John's Church in Hampstead."

Filming took place on 25 August, 2008.  You can just barely see Matthew in the center of all of the action.

You can watch the video here and lasts 30 sec.

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