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Daily Express Saturday Magazine Comments On Matthew Macfadyen in Ashes to Ashes

JaneV found a comment from the Daily Express Saturday Magazine from Keeley Hawes:

Matthew has a guest role in the seventh epsiode of Ashes as a charity worker who sits in a bath full of baked beans to earn sponsorship money. Keeley reveals how the role came up."I'd been watching an early episode of Ashes at home and Matthew said, "I'd love to be in this," says Keeley. "He wears a terrible tracksuit with go faster stripes on the side and his character has OCD as well, so everything's in straight lines. And he's got a mullet!"

Keeley Hawes discusses Matthew Macfadyen's Mullet on GMTV

6point7 has shared a clip of Keeley Hawes being interviewed by GMTV for Ashes to Ashes.  Keeley happens to mention Matthew Macfadyen's mullet in the interview. 

You can watch the clip in the gallery.

Thank you 6point7! 

Keeley interview: Ashes 2 Ashes

Keeley did a brilliant and amusing interview for the Mail On Sunday "Live" magazine, promoting Ashes 2 Ashes, last weekend. She was discussing 1980's hairstyles and made this comment;

I am quite capable of loving a man with a mullet. My husband has a role in one episode of Ashes 2 Ashes, and wears the most ridiculous mullet. It's more a case of the mullet wearing him. But he still looked incredibly handsome. Having said that I would have worried if he'd decided to keep it. 

Ashes to Ashes (2008): Series 1 Episode 7


Crime show drama starring Matthew Macfadyen's wife, Keeley Hawes, as the lead female, DI Alex Drake.

Ashes to Ashes is the sequel to the hit TV show Life on Mars

Synopsis (from BBC):

Fund raiser Gill Hollis has spent the last year travelling Great Britain in aMatthew Macfadyen as Gil Hollis bathtub of beans raising money for Children in Need, as the crime drama continues. So, when he is shot in the arm and robbed of all the money he raised, DCI Gene Hunt and the team need to do all they can to bring the robbers to justice.

DI Alex Drake believes a Crimewatch-style Police Five reconstruction, and the help of Shaw "keep 'em peeled" Taylor, will help lead to an arrest, much to Gene's disapproval.

Gill fails to remember anything about the incident so Alex takes him back to the crime scene to try to jog his memory. As Gill's behaviour becomes erratic near the area of the robbery, Alex realises he has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) that not only gets in the way of any progress, but also gets right on Gene's nerves.

Having been warned by the Ashes Clown that someone is going to die, Alex knows it's vitally important that the armed robbery is solved quickly and is convinced that Gill's OCD is the key.

But Gene is fed up of doing what Alex tells him and decides to deal with the case in his own way – beating a confession out of anyone who gets in his way. Alex is terrified that Gene's actions will lead to a death and has to fight to keep control of the case.

Gene finally gets a break that proves Gill's story is not quite so straightforward and Alex soon finds herself trying to save the life of one of the team.

Matthew Macfadyen Role:

Gill Hollis. Matthew wears a mullet, a mustache, suffers from OCD, and a track outfit.


Originally aired on BBC on 20/03/2008.

Available on DVD. He appears on Episode 7

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More about Matthew Macfadyen's Guest Role in Ashes to Ashes

Thank you to 6point7 for sharing this information!

The following was hilariously posted in the Mirror

Wonder if Keeley Hawes had anything to do with hubby Matthew MacFadyen's guest role in Ashes To Ashes? In one episode he plays a dim bloke with a mullet who's seen sitting in a bath full of beans. Matt explains: "He's hapless but he tries to raise money for charity."

He still gets a kicking from Gene Hunt though.

I'm happy to see Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes working together again since Spooks/MI-5 and Death at a Funeral. I hope to see them work together in many future projects, small or large. I love that Matthew can play a leading man as well as not be afraid to laugh at himself.

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