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UK Three Musketeers Film Premiere

The date for the UK film premiere of Three Musketeers appears to be Tuesday 4 October with the cinema still to be confirmed.

Thanks to JaneV for finding out this information!

A few new scenes in German Trailer for Three Musketeers

There are a few new scenes that are in a new German promotional trailer for the Three Musketeers (Die Drei Musketieres) which opens in Germany 1 September 2011.

You can view the video HERE.

Thanks again go out to Marina!

Three Musketeers England Premiere Party

If you are in Germany, you can apparently win

Get a chance on an exclusive trip to the premiere of THE THREE MUSKETEERS IN 3Din London for themselves and one accompanying person and see the stars of the film live and up close.

The location, time and which stars will participate are not mentioned, however.  Enter to win HERE (in German).

Thank you Marina!!

The Soundtrack for Three Musketeers

You can now listen to portions of The Three Musketeers soundtrack on the official German website. Currently the audio CD will be available on on 2 September, 2011

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