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Robin Hood: new trailer with Matthew

Thanks to Lizzie for spotting the new Robin Hood trailer on Yahoo - with a glimpse of Matthew as the Sherriff at 1:20.

Robin Hood: new trailer with Matthew

Some updates

Forum member, Sylvie, has found that the official website for The Pillars of the Earth has updated their January gallery.  Enter the website and click on "view images".

Also, a German version of the Robin Hood trailer has been released with some minor new scenes.  (thanks Marina for the information!)

Matthew, however, is in neither set.

Robin Hood events to take place in May 2010

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is negotiating with Universal Pictures to bring parts of the movie set and costumes to the region during the month of May 2010, in celebration of the movie's release on 14 May 2010.

A spokesperson for Universal said: "We will definitely be doing something around Nottingham for the film's launch. It would be crazy not to."

Read more about it HERE.

(thanks to kls010 for bringing this to my attention)

Robin Hood Official Website!

The official website for Robin Hood is now up!  You can see images, the trailer and a synopsis so far.

Thank you for sharing the website with us, Doris!

Robin Hood Trailer

6point7 and other Russell Crowe fans have found report of a trailer for Robin Hood being shown during a screening of "It's Complicated"


Read more about it HERE

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