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Robin Hood: new trailer with Matthew

Thanks to Lizzie for spotting the new Robin Hood trailer on Yahoo - with a glimpse of Matthew as the Sherriff at 1:20.

Robin Hood: new trailer with Matthew

Robin Hood Superbowl Trailer

The Robin Hood Trailer that is to be shown for the Superbowl has been released early. No Sheriff of Nottingham, though.

French Trailer for Robin Hood with new scenes

It's not in English, but it has new scenes from Robin Hood.  Unfortunately, there are no views of the Sheriff/Matthew Macfadyen.

You can view it HERE.

Thank you Luce!

Edit: here is the English version:

More Behind The Scenes Videos of Robin Hood

Thanks to forum member, amelie, we have new behind the scenes video from the filming of Robin Hood. 


The Sheriff of Nottingham?

If you look carefully through the trailer, it's possible that this image is Matthew Macfadyen playing the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Sheriff of Nottingham?
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