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'MI-5' star wants to break the mold of 'serious' roles (Sep 2003)

Matthew Macfadyen

'MI-5' star wants to break the mold of 'serious' roles

By Lisa Blake | Sep 1, 2003 | 336 words, 0 images Variety Magazine

    Matthew Macfadyen can't get out of town fast enough. He has a hit TV series; A&E's "MI-5," a beautiful girlfriend, co-star Keeley Hawes; and a newly purchased home along the Thames in Twickenham.

    All good, he admits. But what really brings a smile to his face is the realization that in a few days he will be leaving it all behind.

    "Your senses get dull doing a long-running TV show," the actor admits. "I can feel my skills getting a bit saggy and I just know it's from too much series work. For me, at least, it's imperative that I mix things up."

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