Frost / Nixon interviews

Box office interview with Matthew Macfadyen has an interview for Frost/Nixon with Matthew Macfadyen in which you can listen to Matthew being interviewed.

Go to this page and scroll to the bottom and click on Matthew's name.

Thanks to LizzieJ for finding this interview.

Talking about the Cast

Interview # 6 with our terrible trio is up. They clearly are the three stooges of Drama. More please!

Interview No. 4 & 5 from Frost/Nixon

Here is the fourth interview with Matthew Macfadyen, Sam Rockwell, and Oliver Platt, from the friendly folks of MovieManiacsTV at youtube.

Edit: the fifth interview has now been posted as well.

One more Interview on Frost/Nixon

MovieManiacsTV just posted another interview with Matthew. It's a small portion of an interview with Sam Rockwell, Oliver Platt, and Matthew Macfadyen. Movie Maniacs was kind enough to share the bit with Matthew talking. Thank you!

Edit: The lovely folks at MovieManiacsTV have added another video with these 3 wonderful actors.

This one is interview #3. I suspect there are more!

Matthew Macfadyen Talks about his character in Frost/Nixon

MovieManiacsTV on youtube has posted several clips of Matthew Macfadyen being interviewed for his part in Frost/Nixon.

In this clip he is talking about his character, John Birt

In the second clip he discusses how he's been lead astray by his American co-actors! Love it!

Thanks to forum member, LizzieJ, for all of your help with this!

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